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Wooden Pallets For Sale Near Me

28 Sep 2021

Used Wooden Pallet

Wooden pallets have a range of use and are on sale near me. Our wooden pallets have a range of uses, mostly for transportation and storage, but they can also be used for interior design and DIY projects near me.  Our pallets are made in a range of shapes and sizes, giving you the perfect product for your particular needs. Our versatile range of pallets provides quality at a fantastic price.

Our wooden pallets are incredibly robust, expertly crafted to stand the test of time with their innovative construction. Whether you choose our brand new or used wooden pallets, you can take advantage of a functional and durable product.

Wooden pallets are manufactured using a blend of softwood and hardwood. The result is a pallet that offers an outstanding load capacity. Our cost-efficient pallets are designed to be used multiple times, either for storage or transport or for something more innovative.

Range of Uses for Wooden Pallets for Sale Near Me

DIY projects

Upcycling wooden pallets is an ideal way to add storage, build furniture for less and add a unique feature to a building near me. As the wooden pallets we offer are priced fairly and competitively, you can enhance any home or building without breaking the bank.

The innovative wooden pallet is incredibly adaptable and versatile. You could create a shelving unit, a seating area or a TV stand with one of the wooden pallets we sell. The possibilities are endless with wooden pallets for sale near me.



For those involved in moving goods around, wooden pallets are the perfect solution. The pallets themselves are sometimes known as a transport unit, create an excellent platform for seamlessly moving goods.

Whatever you are transporting, hygiene is hugely important. Wooden pallets can be easily cleaned and can deal with even the most unpredictable and adverse environmental conditions. For those wanting to calculate loading metres when moving goods or belongings, we offer a versatile selection of sizes to suit your specific needs.

Pallet Table


Our pallets are highly efficient at storing goods. Make the most of the room you have by storing products, supplies and goods on a wooden pallet. There are a variety of ways to efficiently store goods on a wooden pallet.

Storing your pallets has never been easier, just choose one of the following ways:


  • Block stacking
  • Stacking frames
  • Single-deep pallet rack
  • Double deep rack
  • Push back rack
  • Drive-in rack


New Wooden Pallets for Sale Near Me

Our range of brand new wooden pallets are a durable way of moving and storing items. They can also be used in interior design and DIY projects near you, adding a unique touch to a home, commercial property, or business. Our new pallets are manufactured to the highest specification of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

Our new pallets come in a broad range of shapes and sizes. Alternatively, you can request a quote on a size bespoke to your requirements. This means that you can suit your specific needs, whatever the reason you are purchasing pallets. Our premium pallets are made to perform for decades to come.


Used Wooden Pallets for Sale Near Me

Our range also includes used pallets. These are ideal for those working on a budget without compromising on quality. Used wooden pallets cost around 60% less than new pallets. This makes them a great investment for eco conscious customers.

This option is incredibly positive from an environmental point of view. As these pallets have been refurbished, they cause little to no harm to the ecosystem. This prevents the cutting down of trees and will ensure you are receiving the best product possible.

Used Wooden Pallet

Wooden Pallets for Sale Near Me

There is a wide range of wooden pallets for sale near me. We offer both used and new pallets made from premium timber. You can choose your preferred pallet and buy them quickly by using our easy checkout system. We even make new pallets to measure so they can exactly fit your requirements.

Please use our contact form if you want to order in bulk. Simply fill out your details, including the product specification and quantity, and we will get back to you with a price as soon as we can. Let us know any specifications you have, so we can tailor your purchase to your needs.

Get in touch with our experienced yet team today by calling us on 03301 757766. You can ask us anything, and we will happily answer your query. We are also happy to talk over prices with you and give you a quote over the phone. We look forward to hearing from you.

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