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A Step-By-Step Guide To Selling Your Pallets

01 Mar 2019

Are you looking to sell your used pallets? Here’s our step-by-step guide to selling your surplus inventory.

It is now very typical for businesses and distribution centers to accumulate a large quantity of pallets throughout the supply chain process. Finding a place to store surplus pallets can be quite a challenge for any business owner/site manager.

Stack of wooden pallets to sell

If you have a large amount of unwanted pallets and are looking to get rid of them, Associated Pallets can help! Whether your pallets require minor fixes, or are broken beyond repair, by following these key steps you will be able to get rid of your surplus inventory and even receive a payment for the quantity and quality that you wish to sell.

Before reaching out to a pallet supplier it is important to first assess:

Ownership of Pallets

It might sound silly, but it is important to understand the ownership rights of your palletsMake sure that any pallets you want to sell belong to you and not to a pallet pool. 


It is important to assess your situation. By determining how many pallets you have on hand and how frequently they accumulate.

Businesses that have or continue to accumulate, anywhere between 400 – 600 pallets, will easily have a full lorry load. Generally, this will means buyers, such as ourselves, will arrange for your pallets to be collected at little or next to no cost.


In order to get a quick and accurate quote, it is essential that you first assess the state of your pallets. Look for pallets that are relatively the same size and shape, and in good working condition. Light damage, rust and dirt are all okay, but there should be no significant damage. Some quick photos can be helpful in assessing whether they are eligible to buy, and can ensure that you receive a more accurate quote.

At Associated Pallets, we offer a fair market price for all wooden pallets, provided they are in relatively good condition and are considered repairable.


If your business often accumulates a significant volume of pallets it might be worth talking to pallet providers/buyers about a collection plan. Used pallet buyers can easily arrange a monthly or quarterly collection plan to help fit your business needs.

Lastly, we do also accept a “part exchange” (new for old), for customers looking to upgrade/refresh their pallet stocks.

Reselling your pallets is not only an extremely good environmental practice, it can also help to reduce waste and increase efficiency, saving your business money in the long-run!

If you’re interested in selling any surplus wooden or plastic pallets, please get in touch with one of team member today. They will provide you with a detailed quote and collection plan that fits your company needs. Alternatively, you can get an online quote, here.

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