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Pallet Building and Loading is an Art

01 Aug 2015

The simple wooden pallet has a wide range of uses and can be essential for the storing and transporting of a number of goods. The US army utilises pallets to transport cargo by air effectively and efficiently. In these circumstances, it’s important that the pallets have been carefully built and loaded. This enables the army to transport large amounts of goods via air easily and safely.

The building and loading of wooden pallets is not as simple or straightforward as it seems. The US army is carrying large quantities of items by air and this requires more complex skills to ensure that everything arrives safely and in one piece.

The types of pallet systems that they use have been specifically manufactured for use on aircraft. They enable units that are deploying overseas to carry bulk and loose cargo safely, and it makes transporting it once on the ground more efficient, as there’s no need to keep loading and unloading the goods.

Correct Loading

When you’re transporting goods on pallets by air, it’s essential that the correct practices are employed. This ensures that the goods are loaded properly and that the aircraft and passengers on board are as safe as possible.

The soldiers transporting goods for the US army receive special instructions on how the pallets should be built, inspected and documented. They need to comply with Department of Transport regulations and unit air-movement planning guidelines. The unit that is loading the goods is responsible for preparing them and strapping down the goods prior to take-off.

The 463L pallet that is used on aircraft comes with various sizes of nets. These are used for different types of cargo, depending on the height and weight. Heavy items need to be in the centre of the pallet in order to maintain balance and stability. If even a minor error is made when building or loading the pallets, it can impact on the safety of the goods.

Loading Errors

If items are not loaded on to pallets correctly, they can be a risk to the aircraft and passengers. The types of errors that can be made include not checking all the areas accurately and storing hazardous items incorrectly. If the cargo is not restrained properly, it could shift in flight, causing damage to the goods or impacting on the safety of the aircraft. This could result in the aircraft’s centre of balance changing, which could cause the pilots to lose control and the plane to crash.

Pallet building and loading can be a true art that is important for the safety of personnel and to maintain the condition of equipment and other goods that are being transported. The US army employ the appropriate training practices to ensure that every pallet that is loaded on to their aircraft is as safe and secure as possible.

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