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The EPAL Academy

20 Apr 2015

In 2014, the European Pallet Association (EPAL) launched the EPAL Academy. The aim of this is to promote better relationships across the various member countries and provide a range of training opportunities for the 14 national committees who make up the association.

Opening of the EPAL Academy

The EPAL Academy was launched in July 2014, and the initial opening was attended by more than 100 delegates from across the industry. The event itself was hosted by Alexander Becker, the Academy’s manager at the training centre in Dusseldorf.

The Need for an Academy

Expansion into Europe is often one of the first steps for businesses, especially those within the UK. There are a number of close neighbours that offer plenty of routes to move the business abroad, but that doesn’t mean that the process is simple. It can throw up a number of issues, including the various regulations that apply in different countries, and even the nature of business can be different in other nations.

There is generally a high demand for quality training within the industry, which is one of the main objectives behind setting up the Academy. As a result of new taking on employees, technical advances and changes to legal issues, it’s important for everyone involved in the sector to keep up to speed with the latest developments. The Academy will provide the chance for both new and existing employees to grow their knowledge of the industry within a practical setting.

The Aims of the Academy

One of the key aims of the EPAL Academy is to support those companies within the wooden pallet industry that want to develop their understanding and knowledge of the market. It will help them to follow best-practice guidelines and also provide networking opportunities, training programmes and the ability to expand beyond their traditional borders.

The Academy will particularly focus on the use of the Euro pallet. This is now one of the most popular forms of wooden pallets across the globe, with more than 60 million sold. The Euro pallet provides a base for standardisation and makes it easier for goods to be transported across borders without the need to continually load and unload goods on to differently sized pallets.

Safety is also a prime consideration for everyone concerned with the wooden pallet industry. It’s crucial that members in different countries understand the protocols when exporting and importing goods. This is especially true of the ISPM15 regulations, which require wooden pallets to be correctly treated before being used. By ensuring that everyone adheres to the regulations, it will help to prevent the danger of pest infestations which could damage the industry.

The EPAL Academy is a fantastic opportunity for anyone concerned with the wooden pallet industry, whether they’re a user, supplier or licence holder. It offers members the opportunity to exchange ideas with other organisations, both on a business and cultural level.

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