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How Big Are Wooden Pallets?

15 Aug 2023

how big are wooden pallets

How big are wooden pallets? This question is difficult to answer as how big wooden pallets are depends on a number of factors, including the type of pallet and how they are made. 

Below, we’ve listed a variety of the most common wooden pallets and where they are typically used. At Associated Pallets, we can offer a massive variety of wooden pallets, pallet collars, wraps, and other accessories! We can be your one stop shop for all your pallet needs.

Types Of Wooden Pallets

How big or small wooden pallets are depends greatly on the type of pallet that you choose to purchase. There have been many “standardised” sizes over the years, but there is no global one size fits all to this day. Knowing how big wooden pallets are before you buy can help you make an informed decision that is better suited to your business.

A bigger wooden pallet is going to be heavier than its smaller counterparts, but they offer the advantage of being able to carry and store more products at once. This trade off is integral to figuring out the perfect pallet for you.

How Big Are Wooden Pallets In The EU?

One of the most widely used wooden pallets is the Euro standard. But how big are Euro wooden pallets?

Euro pallet size is typically 1200mm X 800mm with a height of 150mm, but these measurements aren’t always the case 100% of the time. Euro pallets are highly regulated by the European Pallet Association (EPAL), making them extremely reliable. All our Euro pallets are manufactured at our high quality standards and meet all up to date regulations. 

Below is a breakdown of the other common Euro pallet sizes:

  • 1,800mm X 1,200mm X 145mm
  • 1,200mm X 1,000mm X 144mm
  • 1,000mm X 1,200mm X 144mm
  • 800mmm X 600mm X 144mm

How Big Are Wooden Pallets In The UK?

Wondering how big are wooden pallets in the UK? The UK has its own unique set of standards, separate from Euro pallets. How big they are tends to vary based on their height, width, and length, as well as how much they weigh and how much weight they can bear.

However, UK wooden pallets are normally accepted as 1000mm X 1200mm.

How Big Are Wooden Pallets By The ISO?

As stated previously, there has yet to be a successful global standard size to make it easy to answer the question, “How big are wooden pallets?” But this hasn’t stopped some from trying. The International Standards Organisation (ISO) has created its own set of wooden pallet standards used in tandem with UK and Euro sizes. How big these wooden pallets are also changes, but the ISO has defined six specific sizes for sending goods across continents.

  • 800 × 1200 mm for use in Europe
  • 1000 × 1200 mm for use in Europe, Asia
  • 1067 × 1067 mm for use in North America, Europe, Asia
  • 1100 × 1100 mm for use in Asia
  • 1165 × 1165 mm for use in Australia
  • 1219 × 1016 mm for use in North America

When choosing from the ISO standard list, it is important to consider where you are shipping and transporting to alongside where you are coming from. This can help speed up the process and reduce costs, as by matching your pallets correctly, you can avoid needing to repackage everything on arrival to meet standards.

Load Capacity

How big your wooden pallets are can also help you determine their load capacity. A 14kg wooden pallet can handle a loading weight of 500kg, making them incredibly efficient for moving large amounts of heavy goods. 

If the goal is to move large amounts of heavy products, such as bricks, sacks of food, building materials etc., then it is best to purchase big wooden pallets that are likely to have a better surface area to distribute the heavy weight. A bigger wooden pallet can also be more likely to remain stable, preventing tipping or accidental spills. 

An easy way to ensure that your big wooden pallets and heavy cargo remain safe and secure is to use wooden pallet collars and pallet wrap! Wooden pallet collars can transform your big pallets into boxes that can be sealed with a lid. Collars grant extra protection from the elements while making it simpler to manoeuvre heavy products without falling off the pallet.

Wooden Pallet Prices

How big are wooden pallets? As big or as small as you need with Associated Pallets! You can get an accurate price for more bespoke orders via our free online quoting engine. Or, for more simple purchases, you can get started immediately with our checkout service. We can offer next day national delivery on all orders placed before noon, so don’t delay! For further inquiries or questions, call our team now at 03301757766 or fill out our online contact form. To learn more about how big are wooden pallets, click here to go to our ultimate guide.

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