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Treating Pallets for External Use

15 Feb 2018

Brand new outdoor furniture can be pretty expensive, especially if you want to kit out your whole garden. Thankfully, it is entirely possible to kit out your whole garden without spending too much money – you just need to use pallets! You may not think it, but wooden pallets for external use are a great idea as they are so versatile.

heat treated pallet

In fact, the possibilities for pallets are endless: you can make chairs, tables, decking and even a frame for hanging plants. If you want to transform your garden without breaking the bank, here are a few things that you can create using pallets.


One of the main ways to utilise wooden pallets for external use is to use them to build a porch. You only need three or four pallets to create a slim porch; simply break them down and rebuild them using a hammer and some nails.

Patio Furniture

You can also build outdoor tables and chairs using pallets. A table is very simple, as you simply need to stack the pallets and superglue them, and if you want you can paint the pallets beforehand to create a more unique fun look (black looks particularly stylish).

Wooden Fences

Make your garden a little more private by adding a wooden fence made from pallets. This is much cheaper than paying for a brand new fence, and if you use recycled pallets it is also more environmentally friendly.

Flower Boxes

Pallets make great flower boxes especially if you use double-stacked pallets. Simply break the pallets down using a saw, and then you can add plant boxes, soil and your favourite plants – easy!

How to Make the Pallets Weather Resistant

It is also important to make sure that you use weather resistant wooden pallets, as this means that they will last for years without rotting. If you want to make your pallets weather resistant, here are a few tips for treating wooden pallets.

Clean the Wood

Start by cleaning the wood to remove any dirt and insects.

Sand the Wood

Next you will need to sand the wood down make the surface smooth and even. This will make it much easier for you to apply the coating, and it also means that the coating is less likely to crack or become damaged in the future.

Choose the Right Finish

Now you can use a wood finish to coat the wood.

Seal Completely

Finally, you will need to seal the coating completely to make the wood more durable.

Recoat Regularly

You will also need to recoat any wooden pallets for external use on a regular basis, as this will help to protect the wood from the elements.

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