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Pallet Collection Bournemouth

22 Apr 2022


At Associated Pallets, we supply Bournemouth businesses with a pallet collection service. Our goal with the service is to help prevent unnecessary timber waste. If you have pallets that are taking up space, get in touch! We’ll be happy to arrange a pallet collection.¬†

With years of experience, you can count on us to deliver a professional and friendly service. Call our team on 03301 757 766 to arrange your pallet collection. Read on to find out how our pallet collection service will help give your pallets a new lease of life and help prevent timber wastage.

Bournemouth Pallet Collection 

We make it easy for Bournemouth businesses to arrange a pallet collection with us. The reason we offer this brilliant service is because we care deeply about the environment. It is important that we all do our part to create a sustainable future. You won’t have to worry about your pallets ending up in a landfill with us.¬†

When you contact Associated Pallets to arrange for a pallet collection, you’ll be doing so knowing they‚Äôll be reused and recycled. Once our team have collected your pallets, they will take them back to our headquarters. The facility includes a dismantler machine should the pallets be beyond repair. Any deemed to have an odd size or are unable to be reused will be sent to a chipping facility.¬†

Should your pallets be reusable, you can be assured they won’t go to waste. Our team of experts will give them a new life. This way, you’ll have the benefit of freeing up space on your premises and doing your part for the environment.¬†

Why Choose Us? 

With over 20 years of industry experience, we will be able to provide you with an expert pallet collection service. Our team have been specially trained to know our sustainable aims. This ensures that the service we will provide you will be as eco-friendly as possible. Should you want your pallets collected use our recycling form. It’s quick and easy to use.¬†¬†


Reusing Pallets 

Even after years of use, pallets can still be recycled and reused for a variety of uses. In most cases, they are still being used in the transportation of goods. This is because they are convenient and efficient. But, transportation isn’t the only thing they can be used for.¬†

Our used pallets are highly versatile and can be reused in a number of ways. As an example, they are being incorporated into the garden as outside seating. As they are easy to customise, the pallets offer a great alternative to the usual outside furniture. Pallets also make a good alternative to storage units. We are also incredibly pleased to be partnering with HMV to supply their pallets, which they have used to not only store but display items as well. 

Bournemouth businesses will receive an efficient pallet collection service with us. Once you have arranged for a pallet collection we’ll be able to refurbish and recycle them. These can then be reused for transportation, storage and, in some cases, seating. Depending on your location in Bournemouth and the quality of your pallets, we will be able to pay you for them during the pallet collection. Get a quote for your pallets today!


Collection Commitment

With our pallet collection service, we want to ensure we aren’t heavily impacting the environment. Sustainability is incredibly important for business, at Associated Pallets we believe it’s incredibly important to be as eco-friendly as possible. All our staff have been trained to follow our sustainability code. This means when you use our pallet collection service for your unused pallets, you’ll have a trained team who are environmentally conscious.¬†

You will receive friendly and easy service from us. And by choosing to have your pallets recycled, you’ll be helping to reduce the timber wastage! An additional benefit is that depending on the location, quality and type. We will be able to pay you for them. This means you’ll have a sustainable service that frees up space which is being used on unwanted pallets and get paid for it! Contact us today on 03301 757 766 or use our recycling form to book in your pallet collection.¬†

Pallet Collection Prices Bournemouth 

We offer the pallet collection service to businesses all across Bournemouth. By using us, you will have a friendly team of experts who will ensure they are reused. Plus, you’ll be helping to reduce unnecessary waste while gaining more space!¬†

Get in touch with our team to arrange for your pallet collection. The number to call is 03301 757 766. Please note that we will require a minimum of 50 pallets for the collection. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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