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What are the advantages of using pallets as storage?

23 Mar 2023

Heat Treated Pallets for storage

With wooden pallets, you can expect plenty of storage benefits. Wooden pallets are one of the cheapest storage methods available. Additionally, they are a sustainable choice and highly reliable. Used for shipping and transportation for years, wooden pallets are able to withstand a large among of load capacities. 

When you choose wooden pallets for your facility’s storage method, you can expect them to aid with ensuring space isn’t wasted and that goods are carefully stored. Coming in a wide variety, including heat-treated, standard and non-standard, pallets can be used for stacking and racking. 

Use our online store today if you are interested in our pallets. The checkout system is easy to use, and for our UK customers, if you order before noon, you’ll also receive the option of next-day delivery. If you have any questions about our pallets, call us on 02380 667 999 or use the online contact form

Types of pallet storage 

An assortment of wooden pallets is available with Associated Pallets. We’ve made it easy to determine what pallets and styles of storage would best suit your needs. Read on to learn more about pallet stacking and racking for storage. 

Heat Treated 

You can ensure goods, such as food supplies, are stored correctly using our heat-treated pallets. These pallets have been treated to meet ISPM 15 standards. By complying with these standards, wooden pallets gain the benefit of being protected against the spread of pests and diseases. 

Additionally, our heat-protected pallets are also highly durable and weather resistant. 

Ideal for use for international and EU shipping. The heat-treated pallets can ensure your goods are safe and secure while being stored within the shipping container. 

Available in various sizes, you can choose from our new or used range. The new heat-treated pallets are manufactured from wood that has been carefully sourced from sustainable woodlands. As you can choose from a selection of sizes, such as:

  • 600 x 400 mm
  • 800 x 600 mm
  • 1200 x 800 mm
  • 1200 x 1000 mm
  • 800 x 800 mm 
  • 1000 x 800 mm
  • 1200 x 1200 mm

Should our standard heat-treated pallet sizes not be suitable for your storage facility, please get in touch! At Associated Pallets, we can manufacture the pallets to your specifications. Ensure the pallets you order meet your storage requirements by ordering from us online today. 


Wooden crates for storage

Wooden Crates & Cases 

Transport and store your goods with our durable wooden crates and cases. Should your facility or shipping container be unable to store standard wooden pallets, wooden crates and cases make an ideal second choice. 

Wooden crates come in a range of dimensions, which helps to ensure that no matter the size available, you’ll have an easy time packing and storing valuable items away safely. Designed to be adapt to adverse weather conditions, wooden crates and cases can help aid in keeping your stored goods safe and dry. 

A great choice for organisation, these crates have been lined to be waterproof and heat treated to ISPM 15 standards for shipping. Here at Associated Pallets, we have the following three options to choose from:

Plywood Crates 

Manufactured using 9mm plywood and a 19mm timber frame, our plywood crates have various options to suit our different customers’ needs. For example, you could choose to have the crates weatherproofed using tarred paper or blue-lined plastic. Additionally, batons for internal packing and foam lining are also available. Typically they are used for road or air transportation. Should you have any questions about our plywood crates, please call us on 02380 667 999.  

Sterling OBS Wooden Board Cases 

Sterling OBS wooden board cases, are manufactured using 8mm OSB sheets and 19mm timber frames. Ideal for use in road and air transportation, the sterling OBS wooden board cases cab be nailed or screwed together, depending on your preference. To make storing and packing easy, the cases can be manufactured on request with either a loose top or top and door. You can get a quote for our Sterling OBS wooden board cases using the following link.  

Open Slatted Wooden Crates 

Usually, the most cost-effective choice, the open-slatted wooden crates, are manufactured using 100mm x 19mm timber boards. For additional security of the cargo you are storing, internal batons can be added to the crates. As with most of our products, the open slated wooden crates can be treated to ensure they meet ISPM15 export standards. Usually used for transporting items by road, you can get a price for these wooden crates using our online quoting tool. 

Pallets for Storage Prices 

Ensure the security and safe storage of your valuable goods and items with our pallets. You can purchase our pallets today using our easy and quick checkout system. Simply add the required amount and size of pallets to your shopping cart. You’ll then be taken to our secure checkout system, where you can select your preferred chosen payment method. 

Providing you reside within the UK and make your order before noon; you should gain the option of our next-day delivery service. For more information or to get a quote for our wooden pallet crates, use our online quoting tool today. Additionally, should you have any questions for our team, please give us a call at 02380 667 999 or use the online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you. 


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