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Pallets Liverpool

01 Jul 2022

Pallets Liverpool

At Associated Pallets, we specialise in providing our Liverpool clients with new and used wooden pallets. Our products are made from a combination of softwood and hardwood. This means the pallets have natural strength, making them perfect for transporting and storing your valuable items. We have more than 20 years of expertise in the field. By choosing Associated Pallets, you’ll have a knowledgeable team on hand to assist you.

Make a cost-effective choice with pallets that have a superb load capacity. Used in a variety of different ways, including transporting goods from Liverpool across the globe, storing valuable items and being reused as DIY projects. You’ll never feel limited in options when you purchase our products.

Although wooden pallets may be used for many different tasks and applications, they are most often utilised for storage and shipping. Available in a variety of sizes and forms, our pallets can be easily customised to meet your requirements. You can purchase high-quality pallets for Liverpool projects at affordable costs without sacrificing quality using our diverse selection of products.

New Wooden Pallets

Our pallets are manufactured to meet ISO high-quality standards. At Associated Pallets, we provide a selection of new pallets that have been sustainably sourced. Additionally, they can be used in DIY and interior design tasks, giving any establishment or piece of real estate in the Liverpool region a pleasant and rustic appearance.

New pallets can be easily customised to meet any requirements you may have. The pallets are able to be used for international shipping. As they are heat-treated to ensure that they are kept safe against pests and contamination.

Thanks to the wide choice of sizes available, it has never been simpler to get the ideal size wooden pallet for your needs. Please get in touch with our staff today if you have a certain size requirement. They can ensure your needs are met. We will be delighted to meet your particular requirements or to go through our selection of wooden pallets in more detail.

Used Wooden Pallets

Sustainability is one of our top objectives, which is why we provide such eco-friendly pallets at a great cost. With our selection of used wooden pallets, you can work on a tight budget without sacrificing quality. These pre-owned pallets are typically 60% less expensive than brand-new pallets without sacrificing strength. If you’re on a tight budget or seeking an environmentally responsible alternative, used wooden pallets are an excellent investment.
With the help of our eco-friendly used wooden pallets, you can help lower your carbon footprint and be more sustainable. These pallets don’t hurt the environment since they are made of recycled wood. We are proud to know that our goods will contribute to reducing the number of trees chopped down each year.

Wooden Pallet Recycling Service

We offer a pallets recycling service for wooden pallets that have reached the end of their life. Ensure you contact our team if you have pallets in need of recycling. Our team can collect the items from anywhere in Liverpool. Use our form today to arrange for your pallet collection service.

Pallets that are unwanted or worn out are often seen as garbage and thrown away. We are here to turn those outdated pallets into brand-new goods. When these wooden pallets reach the end of their lengthy lives, we transport them to our headquarters and give them new life.

We refurbish discarded old wooden pallets. As a result, they may be used again and won’t be thrown away. Since we handle everything, you won’t have to worry about devoting a lot of time and effort to managing the pallet collecting procedure.

With more than 20 years of waste management expertise, we presently oversee the recycling of wooden pallets for companies across Liverpool and the rest of the nation. Depending on their condition, we will pay for your pallets. Our organisation wants to reduce the quantity of wood that ends up in landfills by recycling and reusing as many old pallets as we can.

Pallet Prices Liverpool

Order your wooden pallets for your Liverpool facility today! Use our online quoting engine to fill out your requirements and get a free and accurate quote for the pallets. If you have any unique requirements for your Liverpool project, please let us know so that we may customise your pallet order to meet those demands.

Get in touch with our friendly team on 03301 757 766. They will be happy to talk you through any questions you have regarding our pallets and services. Additionally, you can also contact us via our online form. Just fill out your details, and a member of the team will be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.


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