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Wooden Pallet Collars For Home Organisation

11 Aug 2023

Wooden Pallet Collars For Home Organisation

At first glance, it might seem strange to use wooden pallet collars for home organisation, but these robust, easy to use, and cost effective items can be repurposed for all sorts of uses.

Read on to discover how you can safely repurpose wooden pallet collars for home organisation, or buy your wooden pallet collars and pallets now on our website.

Types Of Wooden Pallet Collars For Home Organisation

At Associated Pallets, we have a variety of wooden pallet collars that would work wonderfully for home organisation. Our wooden pallet collars come in different sizes and have many accessories, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something. 

We even sell refurbished used wooden pallet collars for home organisation, storage, transport, or any other use you can imagine! All the used collars and pallets we collect and sell are required to meet our high quality standards, so our customers can have total peace of mind. If desired, we also sell ISPM 15 regulated heat treated pallets and collars.


Creating a desk with wooden pallet collars can be an easy and simple way to build a makeshift workspace in an area with limited space. Wooden pallet collars can be stacked together without the need for additional screws, nails, or glue. At Associated Pallets, we also provide wooden pallet collar lids that can act as the worktop of the desk.

Because wooden pallet collars can be collapsed and built back up in just a few minutes, they make the perfect manoeuvrable and storable solution. Perfect for small workshops, sheds, garages, and apartments.

Shelving Units

Another excellent way to organise your home with wooden pallet collars is by setting rectangular collars vertically and nailing or screwing cut and fitted timber boards at certain spaces against the inside walls of the collars. 

All it takes to do this is a wooden pallet, a wooden pallet collar, some nails, screws, or glue, and basic tools, including a saw, a pencil, a tape measure, and a drill or hammer.

What better way to organise your home than to create new shelves using sustainably sourced wooden pallet collars? It’s creative, customisable, cost effective, and helps the environment by reducing timber waste.

Additionally, if you don’t need a full bookcase worth of shelving, you can also cut the timber boards of your wooden pallet collar or pallet board into your desired size and shape. Then, using nails or screws, you can attach them to the wall directly, ideal for space above a desk or bed! The possibilities for wooden pallet collars for home organisation are endless when you get creative with your timber usage.

Shoe Boxes

The humble shoe box is the easiest way to use wooden pallet collars for home organisation. With the help of a pallet board and lid, wooden pallet collars transform into crate-like boxes, which can be the perfect way to prevent shoes from becoming mountainous piles.

You can even add your own creative flair with some paints and brushes, or you can create a larger “shoe shelf”, as described earlier. In a dry and stable environment, wooden pallet collars can last for years with minimal wear and tear.


As discussed in some of our other blogs (which you can find here), garden planters can easily be made using wooden pallet collars. Keeping a garden neat and tidy can be a difficult task, and that’s before taking into account all the tools and equipment! By organising your home and garden with wooden pallet collars, tools, equipment, toys, plants, and flowers can all have their own special place.

Using wooden pallet collars instead of regular boxes grants the huge advantage of being collapsable for easy storage. If it’s the middle of winter, and you don’t feel like doing garden work in the dark and cold, then just collapse the planter and toolbox, and prop the folded collar against the shed! Voila, you have your garden space back in an instant.

New & Used Wooden Pallet Collars

Get all your wooden pallets and pallet collar needs met all under one roof with Associated Pallets. Our expedient delivery service can get your wooden pallet collars the next day if you offer them before noon. 

Plus, if you have unwanted wooden pallets or pallet collars hanging around, we’d love to take them off your hands! Fill out our online collection form; depending on the type and number you have to give, we may even pay you for them!

Wooden Pallet Collar Prices

Interested in using wooden pallet collars for home organisation? Buy new and used wooden pallet collars on our website with our handy checkout system. For more specific or large scale orders, check out our free quoting tool, and for more information, give us a call at 03301757766.

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