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Upcycling Wooden Pallets To Halloween Decorations

22 Oct 2018

Decorating your home for a festive period can be more exciting than taking a trip to your local supermarket to purchase pre designed decorations. If you are a creative parent who wants to scare your children’s friends when they come round to trick or treat or you fancy a nice activity to spend time with your children, designing Halloween decorations to make your house stand out from the rest of your road.

Finding the right Halloween decorations for a reasonable price can be a difficult task if you want your home to look as authentic as possible, with the use of wooden pallets, this can be done. The following ideas are spooky wooden pallet upcycling decoration ideas for this Halloween:

Halloween Lantern

What better way to set the mood of the entrance to your home, than a glowing lantern made from wooden pallets. You could set them up along the path to your front door or have them illuminating each of your windows. All you need to create a Halloween lantern is a wooden pallet and woodworking skills to set the tone for a spooky scene.

Wooden Pumpkin

If you are not a pumpkin fan, you can create a wooden pallet pumpkin alternative for you that will be reusable for every Halloween.

Happy Halloween Welcome Board

Welcome trick or treaters to your home by adding a Halloween welcome message to intrigue your trick or treaters to come to your home.

Pallet Characters

Creating a range of different pallet characters to give your home the perfect atmosphere this Halloween. You could save an awful amount of money on creating these pallet characters as opposed to purchasing the ones from your local supermarkets. Whether you are trying to find a decoration for the entrance to your home or hidden away in your garden, we have come up with a range of characters you can try out:

  • Beast
  • Witch
  • Scarecrow
  • Ghost
  • Monster in a box

Wooden Pallet Tombstone

Wooden pallet tombstones are the perfect way to terrify your trick or treaters, especially if you add multiple tombstones, turning your garden into a wooden pallet graveyard. This idea is really easy to create with just the use of different sized and shaped tombstones stuck into your grass.

Wooden Pallet Coffin

A pallet coffin can create the perfect eery setup to your garden. Simply cut out a coffin shape out of the used wooden pallet and nail together, add a light inside the coffin to make your garden look haunted.

Halloween Fence

Dismantle a wooden pallet and use each individual section to create a fence. Add each slab at different height and if the pallet breaks upon dismantling, this will only add to the eeriness of the fence at night.

Wooden Pallet Zombie Pit

If you have a good sized garden, then why not make the most out of it by creating the illusion of a zombie pit made out of wooden pallets. A zombie pit can be constructed with a single wooden pallet placed in your garden and add on the effect of zombies reaching up from underground.

Wooden Pallet Butcher Shop

A great addition to the entrance of your garden could be by creating a butcher shop made from wooden pallets to form an archway into your garden.

Wooden Pallet Halloween Bar

If you are entertaining older guests this Halloween, then a wooden pallet Halloween bar could be the perfect party setup. Transform your standard garden, by building your very own pallet recycled bar, all you need is wooden pallets and some woodworking skills and you have the perfect party setup.

There are many different uses for used wooden pallets other than creating furniture, you just need to be creative.

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