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Associated Pallets Is Proud To Support Prostate Cancer Research

25 Mar 2024

John Shawyer

In loving memory of John Shawyer, one of our founders, Associated Pallets is incredibly proud to support Hannah Shawyer’s London Marathon PCR Fundraiser!

She will be running the London Marathon on April 21st 2024, helping to raise awareness and donations for Prostate Cancer Research.

John Shawyer

What Is Prostate Cancer Research?

Prostate cancer is the number one diagnosed cancer in men in the UK. However, despite its prevalence, it still has a limited number of treatment options, with many of them being rather harmful in the later stages. Prostate Cancer Research is a charity dedicated to change, helping to raise money for research, better awareness campaigns, and more.

As part of their continued efforts to help build new treatments for those with prostate cancer, #TeamPCR is running a London Marathon campaign that we are excited to be a part of.

Find out more about Prostate Cancer Research, or PCR, and join us in making an impact.

What Is The London Marathon?

Initially established in 1981, the London Marathon is one of the largest and most recognised marathons in the world. It spans a wide variety of iconic London landmarks, such as Buckingham Palace, The Cutty Sark, Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf. Every single year, people from all around come together and take on this challenge for personal achievement, sponsorships, competitions, and, especially, charity fundraising and awareness.

The London Marathon is over 26.2 miles long, (42.195km in metric), making it an incredible achievement to finish. As one of the six World Marathon Majors, it’s a difficult task, but here at Associated Pallets, the team knows that Hannah is going to smash it absolutely!

Remembering John’s Legacy

Since our beginnings in 1991, we’ve been a family-run business that is proud to provide excellent service and products to our customers. John initially formed Associated Pallets with his brother Allen in Basingstoke, where they quickly saw success and outgrew their initial location. For decades, the two brothers led Associated Pallets & Plastic Pallets UK from strength to strength. Now, the handling of the businesses continues to remain with the family, and we have continued to maintain our position as a trusted, reliable provider of packaging and shipping products.

As time has gone on and as we have grown, we’ve evolved to help do our part to reduce wood and plastic waste and create innovative, sustainable business practices in the packaging industry.

Our core values came from John, and we look forward to continuing to remember his legacy in everything we do. If you need any of our new or used pallet products or are interested in helping us build a more sustainable future via pallet collection or recycling, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Help Support Cancer Research

If you’d like to join us in raising money for Prostate Cancer Research, donate to or share our marathon fundraiser! All proceeds will go directly to new bold research projects to help scientists develop new treatments, and to help raise awareness of the importance of having frequent checks.

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