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6 Steps To Correctly Packing Your Pallets

08 Oct 2018

It may seem like a logical and easy task when it comes to packing your pallets for delivery, however there are details which can affect the safety of your load if not carried out securely. To securely deliver your goods safely, you must ensure that your pallets are packed correctly, we have outlined 6 steps to correctly packing your pallets.

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1. Choosing The Right Pallet For The Job

The first step to correctly packing your pallets is to choose the right pallet for your produce, which is based around choosing the correct size of pallet and a pallet in good condition. Ensuring your pallet is large enough that your shipment does not hang over the edges of the pallet will help to prevent damage to your load.

2. Stacking The Pallets in Columns

Stacking your pallet load into columns allows the weight to be evenly distributed across the pallet. This will reduce the risk of the pallet from tipping or falling over, which could potentially then damage your shipment.

3. Do Not Overhang Your Load

Pallets that have items overhanging are more susceptible to damage and are unlikely to be accepted for shipping. As well as being more susceptible to damage, overhanging the load could also be a health and safety breech which could cause injuries.

4. Keep Your Pallet Load Flat

To ensure you reduce the risk of losing or damaging items on the pallet, it is a good idea to keep the top level of the pallet load flat. This will help the load become more secure and will help to prevent any items within the load from falling or shifting in transit.

5. Label Your Pallets

Removing old labels and replacing them with new labels to prevent confusion when shipping and ensure that you stick the label correctly to your shipment. When sticking the levels onto the shipment, it is advised to ensure that the label sticks to the boxes not the wrap on the outside.

6. Correctly Secure Your Shipment On The Pallet

To correctly secure your shipment on the pallets, it should be good practice to ensure that the shrink wrap goes around the base of the pallet as well as the main shipment and to use strapping or banding to secure the shipment to the pallet.

Incorrectly packing your pallets can cause delays and issues with the delivery of your shipment, so taking these precautions can help you to become on top of your supply chain. Remember, everything must be correctly stacked and wrapped from the top of the pallet to the bottom. Poor quality pallets can cause damage to your shipment and any overhanging items on your load can make your load exceed the accepted regulations.

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