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New Wooden Pallets Eastleigh

17 Jun 2021

Transport and store goods efficiently in Eastleigh with our high quality new wooden pallets. These come in a range of sizes fit for purpose, while we also offer custom sizing for your specific requirements. The wooden structure is able to hold a variety of weight capacity, making them perfect for a range of products. They can be moved and stacked by forklift truck, making them efficient in warehouses.

As consumers and businesses are taking a lot of interest in the sustainability of the goods they buy and what they are packed in, wood is in big demand. More durable wood can be reused several times, which reduces costs for the business and supports a more sustainable approach, and so the lifecycle of a wooden pallet becomes all the more interesting.

Our new wooden pallets are manufactured to ISO high-quality standards and to all specifications. We offer large stocks of timber pallets in a range of sizes and shapes. The wood comes from managed, sustainable woodlands which will help to benefit the environment in the long term. You can buy new wooden pallets by visiting our product section.

new wooden pallets eastleigh

New Wooden Pallets Benefits

Pallets are often categorised as ‘two-way’ or ‘four-way’, which refers to the number of sides a pallet can be lifted by a forklift, so a four-way has no restrictions. Of course, they can be made to any size, but there are some standard sizes and they are the lifeblood of many sectors’ logistics and supply chains.

Wooden pallets are ideal for transportation, as they can withstand extremely heavy loads heavy load. They also hold up against strong and unpredictable weather. New wooden pallets are a superb way to store and protect your items, providing fantastic structural integrity. Chose our high-quality new wooden pallets and enjoy a range of benefits for your business in Eastleigh.

Heat Treated New Wooden Pallets

There is a growing international agreement that when transporting wood across borders, there mustn’t be the potential for any bugs or infestations within the timber. This could result in devastation to other countries including harming wildlife and trees. We are proud to say our wooden pallets reach the high measures set by the ISPM15.

Every piece of wooden packaging that is treated is stamped with an internationally recognised mark to prove the packaging item has been treated to the ISPM15 standard. This mark essentially acts as a passport for the packaging item allowing it to be confidently transported across international borders with the knowledge it does not contain wood-borne pests


We are proud to offer FREE standard delivery for customers in Eastleigh and in the UK if the order is over £250 inclusive of VAT. Standard delivery leaves stock within two to three working days from the time the order has been placed. If your purchase is under “350, a £49 charge will be applied. Our standard delivery is based on the order being delivered to the specified address between normal working hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm. This may not apply for deliveries to some parts of Scotland and Ireland and will inform you of this shortly after placing your order.

We do offer a Next Day service on stock items if the order is placed before 12.00pm, a £20.00 surcharge will apply. This may not apply for deliveries to some parts of Scotland and Ireland and will inform you of this shortly after placing your order. You can also choose timed, morning, afternoon and Saturday deliveries upon request. If you have special requirements for your new wooden pallets, please bear with us! Choosing special colours and additional printings and branding may incur a longer lead time. This will normally be highlighted upon receiving your quotation.

New Wooden Pallet Prices Eastleigh

You can buy new wooden pallets in Eastleighon our website today. New wooden pallets can be built to your exact specifications, measured to your space and suiting your needs perfectly. Used wooden pallets are pre-owned, making them more of a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality and high standards.

Fill out our contact form to request a new wooden pallet quote. Just input your details and specifications, and we’ll come back to you with a quote. You can also give our friendly team a call on our freephone at 08000 288655. We will happily talk you through the various options for your business. We look forward to helping with your pallet needs!

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