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Where Can I Buy a Container Box?

08 Nov 2023

Buy Container Box

At Associated Pallets, we sell a wide variety of wooden pallets, collars, crates, and container boxes! 

Companies across the UK use our cost effective storage and shipping solutions for shipping in and out of the country and worldwide. Our timber is all sourced from sustainable forests to ensure that we do our part in preventing deforestation. With the vast collection available on our website, it’s easy to get everything you need for safe shipping and storage worldwide under one roof. 

We have new and used product ranges available so that you can buy a container box or pallet that suits your budget, hygiene, and longevity requirements. All our used products are refurbished to meet our high standards, and we are fully certified by the ISO.

Check out our full range of pallets, boxes, collars, and accessories here.

Container Box Types

We have a broad range of storage products available, which includes wooden container boxes like crates and pallet collars to suit all kinds of purposes. Should you need to buy a container box which doesn’t take up too much space, then our pallet collars may be the perfect solution for you. They can be combined with our wooden pallets and pallet covers to create collapsible container boxes to store everything from fresh produce to toys.

If you need to buy a container box with a lid, then you’re in luck, as we also have an assortment of lids for our crates and collars. 

Customisation is the key feature of using pallet collars as containers for storage, as it’s easy to add more collars on top of the previous ones to make a deeper and deeper container. Plus, the lids and stacking corner accessories make it much safer to keep them stacked without the risk of them falling off or tipping over.

If wooden containers aren’t what you’re looking for, then check out our sister website, Plastic Pallets UK, for plastic containers of all shapes and sizes. We’re sure to have something that fits the bill!

Heat Treated Container Box and Pallet Range

We take the health and safety of all our products seriously, including our container boxes. We follow all ISPM 15 guidelines and heat treat many of our timber products in-house using our own kiln. The kiln is constantly inspected multiple times a year to ensure quality and consistency so you can have peace of mind that your container box, pallet, or collar will be free of nasty pests or diseases.

Heat treatment is considered by many to be one of the best methods for treating a wooden pallet or wooden container box, as it removes pests without leaving any chemical residue. This makes our container box range quite suitable for products and companies that require high hygiene, like pharmaceuticals or food.

Next Day National Delivery

Do you need to buy a container box fast? Choose Associated Pallets and get national next day delivery on all orders placed before 12 p.m. 

For simple orders, you won’t need to wait around for a quote, as our handy checkout system makes it easy to purchase the container box of your choice in just a few clicks. The crates and collars we have available come in a variety of sizes, and our website allows you to browse to your heart’s content.

Find out more about our delivery and returns policy here on our website.

Wooden Container Box & Pallet Collection

Do you have a container box or pallet lying around? Don’t send it to waste! Use our wooden container box and pallet recycling and collection service instead! We’ve already saved literally thousands of tons of timber from ending up in landfills thanks to our recycling service, and we are dedicated to improving our environment further. 

Any timber pallet, crate, or container box collected is refurbished and repaired for resale or is sent to become wood chips if it cannot be salvaged. Nothing goes to waste! 

Depending on the type of container box or pallet you have on hand, we may even pay you for them, so there is really no reason not to get in touch. Click here to learn more about our collection services, and fill out the online form to start your enquiry. 

Container Box Prices

Use our checkout system to purchase a container box, pallet, collar, or any other storage and shipping item you may need! At Associated Pallets, we make it easy for you to get everything under one reliable roof. For more bespoke orders, use our quoting engine for a quick and accurate price. Contact us today for more information via our online form, or call us directly at 03301757766.

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