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Creative Ways to Upcycle Wooden Pallets

12 May 2017

If you are moving into a new home or are considering renovating your house or apartment, then the chances are that you are have been thinking about decor and storage. Wooden pallet upcycling is taking interior design to new levels, and the best thing is that it is cheap as chips. DIYers are coming up with new uses for second hand pallets that are both attractive and useful. Here are some creative wood pallet suggestions for you to consider as you plan your new or improved living space.

Versatility and Personalisation

A shortage of storage space can make your living space feel untidy and cramped, but the innovation of upcycling is making modern and attractive storage and furniture for homes much more accessible. Not only is upcycling easy and cheap, but it is versatile. It enables you to let your creativity run wild and use the colours and designs of your choice. With something as simple as a used wooden pallet you can truly personalise your own space and create unique pieces of furniture that will make your guests stop and take notice. With pallets having an average lifecycle of around three years, you can be sure that your timber is of a reasonably good quality and will be durable enough to have various uses around the home.

Wooden Pallet Upcycling Suggestions

Whether it is something as small as a coffee table or as big as a shelving unit, wooden pallets can be used to bring to life some very cool ideas. Aspirational upcyclers and DIYers across the globe have been coming up with new quirky ideas for designs, so you will be faced with no shortage of inspiration when you begin your project. Just take a look at Pinterest.

One creative way to upcycle used wooden pallets is by making shelving units. The beauty of using wood is that you can make your shelves fit in with a clean and modern style by sanding and painting the wood, or you can go for the rustic shabby-chic effect and really play with the grain and texture of the material. Staining the wood can also create a number of different effects to match any decor. Add a few small hooks and you have a multi-functional shelf and key holder!

Are you due to upgrade your bed? If so, then why not set your mind to building a new frame and matching headboard? By using the wooden slats from a pallet, you can create a range of headboard styles: traditional slatted, a solid board with brick effect or even something more funky by using the planks to create shapes or interesting angles. If you like the Alpine chalet or log cabin feel, then you could also consider using the pallet to clad your ceiling or create a feature wall. The opportunities are endless.

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