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Wooden Pallet Bar

21 Feb 2018

In Halifax, an enterprising pub landlord has built an entire bar out of wooden pallets. The opportunity to run this pub is available because, having closed it for a short time, the owner is now selling up and offering it on a lease for about £310 a week. It adds up to about £16000 a year for a ready-made wooden pallet bar with superb environmental credentials.

While some may feel the entire thing looks like a sauna and could do with a coat of gloss paint, others will appreciate that the wood finish gives the whole thing a nice cosy feel.

Rave Reviews on Trip Advisor

The Pallet Bar, as it is somewhat unimaginatively known, has good reviews on Trip Advisor. A contributor called Lyndon P praised the warm welcome and the fact that you got offered samples of any beer available. He also said that you were greeted like a lifelong friend, summing it as “a lovely place”. Meanwhile, someone else said that it was a great little pub hidden away near a former factory with a great atmosphere and fantastic beer. Not bad for a wooden pallet bar!

The current owner warns would-be landlords that it’s a lot of hard work. However, because there’s a microbrewery, it could well attract someone who thinks they have the perfect beer recipe and can’t wait to try it out on an eager public.

The current owner can launch a new tenant into business almost immediately because he owns the premises and the plant. There are even stocks of hops and malt ready to be purchased, along with bottles to put the brew into once it’s made.

The owner is a serial entrepreneur and also runs a building company, so he would now need to employ people to run the bar on his behalf. As he doesn’t want to do that, he has decided to sell it. The bar can make 4,000 litres of beer a week and has got room for expansion for anyone who can get the public beating a path to its door.

It just goes to show what can be done with wooden pallets given a little imagination.

Lots of Other Ways to Recycle Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are also ideal for resurfacing jobs. They’re already planked, so it’s therefore much easier to disassemble the pallet and reuse the planks as a material for surfacing pathways in gardens and parks. In fact, some of the harder grades of wood are used for boards inside houses and buildings.

Pallet gardens

Many of the ways to reuse wooden pallets also involve turning them into bioenergy or into a mulch for gardeners. Similarly, many gardeners use them to construct cold frames or to build raised beds for growing vegetables.

The vast number of recycling applications for wooden pallets means that they are now beginning to have an improved resale value. They can offset the costs involved in managing a warehouse if they are sold on to the public or to a recycler when they can no longer be used in the warehouse.

And while the owner of the Halifax wooden pallet bar likes the 1970s wood look, style-conscious types may be relieved to hear that pallets, like any other kind of wood, can be painted.

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