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Wooden Pallet Recycling

12 Nov 2020

wooden pallet recycling

We are incredibly environmentally conscious here at Associated Pallets. Our wooden pallet recycling system is a fundamental business practice. We believe it’s now vital that all businesses do their part in implementing sustainable and environmentally friendly processes and procedures.

We have over 20 years of waste management experience and currently manage the recycling of wooden pallets for businesses across the country. Therefore we are experts in wooden pallet recycling, keeping landfills free from unnecessary waste.

The inconvenience of dealing with large amounts of unwanted pallets is completely removed, allowing you to focus on business as normal whilst we take care of the rest! Get in touch with us today to ask us anything about our wooden pallet recycling service.

Our Service

There may be times when the pallets we collect are beyond repair. In these instances, pallets will be stripped and dismantled into reusable components with our pallet dismantling machine. Any pallets which are of an odd size or unable to reuse or dismantle will be sent to a chipping facility.

Therefore, we can guarantee that any pallets we collect from you will be either recycled or repurposed and won’t go towards additional timber waste. Whether you are opting for new or used wooden pallets, you are choosing a beneficial product to store and transport your goods.

As a minimum, we comply with regulations and standards set out for improving sustainability and the environment. In fact, we have implemented a quality and environmental management system to the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

All staff and people working on behalf of the company are made aware of the aims and objectives of the Quality and Environmental Management System and associated operating procedures, are expected to adhere to its requirements, and are encouraged to suggest ways in which these can be improved.

wooden pallet recycling

Benefits of Wooden Pallet Recycling

Here at Associated Pallets, we sold approximately 245,000 refurbished wooden pallets that were put back into service in 2019. We also sent approximately 36 tonnes of scrap wood to be turned into wood chip which can then be used for many other uses. If we dig a bit deeper we can estimate that 245,000 wooden pallets are roughly 159 full artic loads. In turn, this means we saved roughly 8,900 average trees from being felled!

Impact on the Environment

Timber pallets are created from the off-cuts of wood used for higher-end products. As they are made from such a widely recycled material, they can be used again and again. Less than 5% of pallets are sent to landfill sites, meaning at least 95% of timber results in a useful product. From the small percentage that does end up in landfill, they will eventually biodegrade, with little to no detrimental effect to the eco-system.

With global warming a fundamental issue in our current society, it’s important that every aspect of our livelihood plays a part in sustainability. By utilising our pallets, you are taking an active role in helping to protect the environment for a prolonged period. Used wooden pallets are reconditioned to ensure high-performance and durability. Despite getting recycled, the pallets don’t equate to low quality. Each pallet is remade to a top-tier standard for your benefit.

Wooden Pallet Recycling Prices

Get a quote today to find out more about the prices we offer. Just fill out our contact form with your details and specifications, including the exact product type you are after. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a bespoke price.

Alternatively, you can call our freephone on 08000 288655, and we can discuss your preferred product. We can talk you through our various options and decide on the right wooden pallet for you. We understand each customer has a specific budget, so we work closely with you to find the ideal solution.

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