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How To Maximise The Life Expectancy Of Your Wooden Pallets

11 Jun 2018

If you own a warehouse, it is likely that you are interested in maximising the life expectancy of your wooden pallets.

After all, constantly replacing wooden pallets can be fairly expensive, so if you can make the pallets last longer you will save money.

It also means that you are less likely to experience human injury or load damage.

Of course, the lifetime for a wooden pallet often depends on the quality of the pallet, but there are still steps that you can take to ensure that your pallets last for as long as possible.

Here are a few tips to help you prolong the life of your wooden pallets.

A used wooden euro pallet

Avoid Moisture

An important part of maximising the life expectancy of your wooden pallets involves avoiding moisture.

Moisture will quickly damage wooden pallets, so you should avoid storing the pallets in damp environments.

And even if you think that the pallet looks fine, it may not be: water damage can quickly cause mould to grow, which will weaken the pallet and increase the likelihood of it becoming damaged.

For this reason you should try to store the pallets inside whenever that is an option, and always make sure that there isn’t pooled water on the floor of the trailer that will be transporting the pallets.

Use the Right Kind of Pallets

You should also make sure that you are using the right kind of pallet for your product. There are lots of different pallets to choose from, so if you’re not sure which is best for you, you can ask a pallet supplier for advice.

This means that you are less likely to load up a pallet with too much (or too little) weight, so they are less likely to snap or break.

Be Aware of Forklift Damage

An essential part of caring for wooden pallets is making sure they aren’t damaged by forklifts. You can do this by making sure that all of your drivers are trained in how to load pallets properly.

This can be done by taking care to avoid hitting the pallets, slowing down when you are lowering the pallets and ensuring that the forks are always level.

Ensure That Your Pallets Are Fully Protected

Prolonging wooden pallets life is easier if you ensure that each individual pallet is fully protected.

There are lots of products that are can help with maximising the life expectancy of your wooden pallets, including plastic shields that can be screwed on to each pallet to provide an extra layer of protection.

There are also lots of forklift attachments (such as energy-absorbing bumpers) that can be used to make transporting the pallets easier and safer. This will ensure that your pallets last for as long as possible.

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