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Pallet price buying guide

07 Apr 2014

The cost of a pallet can have a significant impact on a business’ overall costs and its eventual profit. The price of them can vary depending on the type of pallet you require, whether you’re looking to buy used or new and the amount you want to purchase. You need to consider the price carefully when you’re looking for wooden pallets for sale.

The cost of timber

Timber packaging containers are generally cheaper to purchase than plastic. However, they don’t have as long a life expectancy and don’t offer the same benefits, such as strength, durability and hygiene standards.

The price of packaging can also be affected by outside factors and timber containers are no different. Recently there has been an increase in the cost of wooden boxes and containers due to a rise in demand for timber from the construction industry. Sawmills are increasingly prioritising their orders because they are of a higher value. This means that there’s less availability of wooden packaging and customers have seen an increase in the price. This has been especially high for non-standard wooden packaging, which mills are less inclined to cut.

Used over new

As with most goods, the cost of pallets will reduce if you buy used rather than new. Depending on the type of packaging you’re buying and your requirements, this can make a significant cost saving without impacting on the standards. Plastic packaging doesn’t deteriorate in quality in the same way as wood does. Therefore, if you’re buying used plastic packaging containers they will still have the same levels of strength and durability as new ones. However, used wooden packaging has a more limited use, as they are more likely to suffer from splinters, cracks and breaks. They also cannot be used for food and drink transport, as they can’t be cleaned as thoroughly as plastic packaging.

How much is a pallet?

It’s difficult to give an exact price for a pallet, as there will be a number of factors that influence the final quote. If you’re looking to buy an individual pallet or in bulk then you should research the market and see where you can get the best deal from. Most suppliers will offer a discount for buying in varying quantities.

As a rough guide, these are the wooden pallets price you should expect to pay for a new single pallet.

Heat treated wooden pallet: around £20 – £25

Heavy duty plastic pallet: between £40 – £50

Nestable / European plastic pallet: varies between £15 and £25

If you’re looking to buy wooden pallets and used packaging the prices can vary substantially, depending on the quality of the product, the amount you’re buying and your source. However, if buying in bulk you could pick up used plastic packaging for around £2 per pallet and wooden ones from about £1 each.

Before you start requesting quotes, you should understand exactly what your packaging requirements are, as this will enable you to get a more accurate price.

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