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Is It Time To Stock Up On New Pallets To Reduce Your Rejection Rates?

25 Jun 2016

Stock Up On New Pallets

Following the news that a food manufacturer in Spalding stocked up with 400,000 wooden pallets to meet strict deadlines for delivery to shops, is it time for all businesses to buy wooden pallets in bulk to reduce rejection rates?

Having high-quality pallets will go a long way in containing your product effectively, avoiding damage or loss and in turn protecting your rejection rate. Should you continue to buy wooden pallets, or should you switch to plastic ones?

Pallet Proposition

Will the wooden pallets price affect the number you could have, or will damage to existing pallets cause the rejection rate to rise? Is having ones that are a standard pallets size helpful, or do you need to buy larger ones to assist in keeping rejection to a minimum? These are all questions that you should ask before purchasing.

The Spalding manufacturer who decided to order an extra 400,000 pallets to distribute its range of soups, salads and dips, says that this purchase from a local pallet manufacturer has helped to reduce its rejection rate to 1.3%, and he would recommend all businesses buy wooden pallets in bulk.

Material Decision

But are wood pallets the way forward? Or should we be stocking up on plastic or metal versions? Wood is by far the most widely used material, as it strikes a good balance between value for money and durability, but is it the right material for your product?

In the food and drink business, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, plastic pallets are being used more and more. Its resistance to fungi, insects and its longer lifespan makes it a viable alternative to wood, but it is higher in cost.

Pallet Partnerships

Striking up a partnership with a local pallet manufacturer can also help in reducing your rejection rate. They will manage the collection of empty pallets from stores for you, minimising empty runs and transport miles and maximising deliveries in a cost-effective way.

So will stocking up on extra pallets help to reduce your rejection rates? If other companies’ successes are anything to go by, it is definitely a possibility. However, research will indeed be the key to seeing whether extra pallets will work for your business and aid in any reductions. As will working out whether or not wooden pallets are the most effective material for your stock. So it’s over to you to start working out the figures.


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