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Advice For Handling Broken Pallets

19 Sep 2019

There are a number of different reasons as to why unwanted or broken pallets can begin accumulating. Whether it’s the result of some business premise renovations, construction sites or refuse areas. The challenge for anyone faced with reams of pallets is to be able to identify which ones need to be disposed of, which can be repaired and which ones may be suitable for recycling.

For those outside the industry, this can be a challenging prospect if you don’t know what you are looking for. This leaves many preferring to focus purely on clearing the broken or unused pallets. There are several different options for different parties who may be able to relieve you of the pallets.

Contact the Shipper

If the pallets have been part of a delivery – your first port of call may be to contact the shipper and ask them to come and collect the remaining pallets from you. Whether they come and collect them themselves or they use a pallet rental company, it can be a win win situation for both parties.

Contact a Local Company

One option favoured by many is to contact a local pallet company who is able to recycle the pallets. There are typically two potential outcomes here and it depends on the quality of the pallets. If the pallets are of a standard size and in usable condition then you may receive payment in exchange for the pallets. However on the flipside, if they are not a popular size or are not in very good condition then a fee may be charged to dispose of them on your behalf. If accumulated pallets is a situation that you find yourself in regularly then not only will you start to recognise which pallets may fall into which category, but you can also try and arrange for a regular collection.

Offer for Upcycling

Pallets are a popular choice for crafters and hobbyists – presuming that the pallets are relatively clean. Local groups or individuals may be willing to come and collect the pallets from you for use on their current or upcoming projects. Do of course, however, consider the risks involved with inviting strangers on to your premises.

Leave for Collection

One option which is increasingly being advised against is leaving your old pallets outside your premises offering for passers by to take the pallets free of charge. Not only can this cause upset to neighbouring properties, but it can also pose other safety risks.

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