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Heat Treated Wooden Pallets From Associated Pallets

16 May 2016

Associated Pallets is a one-stop shop for companies that want to buy wooden pallets. There are a multitude of choices that are designed to meet international standards and prevent costly delays during international transportation.

They are specialists in heat-treated wooden pallets that meet ISPM 15 standards covering the exportation of wooden pallets.

Companies looking for wood pallets for sale can browse a vast selection of heat treated options in stock in Southampton, Hampshire – all stamp-marked as complying with ISPM 15 regulations. The range of ISPM 15 pallets and goods includes wood pallets, pallet boxes and collars.

heat treated pallets

What Is ISPM 15?

ISPM 15 is effectively a passport for packaging, as it is an internationally agreed standard designed to protect global forests from disease whilst minimising delays during the transport of goods.

It is recognised in Britain, North America, the EU and China and is increasingly being used around the world in a bid to allay safety fears and minimise potentially frustrating and costly delays when goods have to cross international borders. It also aims to standardise what has previously been a confusing array of differing regulations.

The acronym stands for the International Phytosanitary Standard for Wood Packaging. It is designed to prevent the spread of harmful pests like the pine wood nematode and the Asian long-horn beetle. Heat-treating is used to kill such pests and prevent infestations occurring as a result of wood transportation.

Companies that buy new wooden pallets that have been pre-treated or have their own pallets heat-treated want to ensure that they can minimise disruption to logistics whilst also ensuring that the pallets used are safe and unlikely to cause harm to the planet’s trees and forests.

Why Choose Associated Pallets for Heat-Treated Wooden Pallets in Southampton?

When looking to buy wooden pallets, companies can be confident in the standards and service on offer from Associate Pallets. The wooden pallets are all treated in Associated Pallet’s vast on-site kiln, which is inspected at least every six months. This has to the capacity to process as many as 3,000 wood pallets a day.

Associated Pallets’ heat-treated pallets, timber, collars and pallet boxes are pre-treated in order to facilitate next-day delivery if required.

Other wood packaging can also be heat-treated on request, whether that’s for large or small shipments, and customers can be confident in Associated Pallet’s credentials as a Timcon member and as a business in compliance with the UK’s WPMMP-HT programme.

Every wooden item treated by Associated Pallets is delivered with heat-treatment certification and a graph highlighting the treatment process.

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