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How To Clean Wooden Pallets

01 Feb 2018

Wooden pallets normally begin their journey as a form of transportation that can be used on forklifts, ships and trucks, but the pallet can also be used for much more later down the line, which is why many people want to know about cleaning wooden pallets.

cleaning wooden pallet

After all, the simple wooden pallet can be transformed into a wide range of things, including coffee tables, seats, bunk beds, nightstands and even outdoor fencing! This is why many people buy wooden pallets, from business owners to parents to young singles.

Another huge benefit of using wooden pallets is that they are very cheap – in fact, sometimes they are even free. The only issue that you have to deal with is cleaning wooden pallets, and this isn’t a difficult job at all.

Here is everything that you need to know about washing wooden pallets.

Wooden Pallet Safety: Why You Need to Wash the Pallets

It is important to wash your pallets before you use them, as some pallets are covered in dangerous products, including harmful chemicals and treatments. This can make the pallets irritating to the touch, so it is essential to wash them before you use them.

Washing Your Pallets

The first thing that you need to do is put on a thick pair of gloves, and then you can inspect the wood for stains, code stamps or nails that stick out. Carefully remove any nails or splinters that you find, and take the time to really look at the markings.

As pallets are used multiple times to transport a wide variety of materials, it is important to make sure that you properly wash the pallet before you use it – and if you can see clear spill marks, it is best to avoid using the pallet completely. If you suspect that the pallet is damaged in any other way, you will also need to dispose of it and replace it with a cleaner pallet.

Once you have found a stain-free pallet, check for stamps or code marks on the side. If there are no symbols, words or numbers stamped, the pallet is good to go. If there are stamps, that probably means that the pallet has been shipped internationally, so it will need a thorough clean.

Start by hosing the pallets down, and then you can start cleaning the wooden pallets with a brush and soapy water twice, taking the time to properly rinse it off between cleans.

Next you will need to leave the pallets to dry properly, and then you can start sanding wooden pallets. This will make them smooth enough for retreating, and it will also help to remove any leftover toxins.

Once you have finished cleaning wooden pallets, you can treat the wood with your preferred treatment.

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