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Does Anyone Collect Used Pallets?

22 May 2023

Collect Used Pallets

It’s never a good idea to throw out used pallets, as both wooden and plastic pallets can be reused and recycled in an incredible variety of ways. Wooden pallets can be dismantled for the individual pieces of timber, or they can be repaired or refurbished to be sold again into transportation or storage industries.

 But finding out who to hand your used pallets to doesn’t have to be complicated. With Associated Pallets, you can handle all your pallet needs in one place. Whether you need new or used pallets or want to get rid of unwanted pallets, we have all kinds of services for people across the UK. 

Learn more about our services below!

Associated Pallets Collection Service

At Associated Pallets, we make it easy to repurpose your used pallets with our comprehensive collection service. We believe in helping create a more sustainable world, and one of the most vital steps we take towards this mission is to help prevent the waste of reusable pallets. 

Our expert team can easily manage waste by repairing used pallets and getting the most out of them, preventing wooden pallets from ending in landfills. We have over 20 years of waste management experience, so you can have peace of mind that when you choose Associated Pallets to collect used pallets, you choose professional, courteous and reliable service. 

We can even pay to collect used pallets from you, depending on the kind of pallets you have and your location! So there’s no reason not to call us today at 0333 270 2242 to contact a team member about your used pallets.

Associated Pallets Recycling Service

If your used pallets are beyond repair or refurbishment, then fret not! We can also strip and dismantle these well used pallets into reusable components with our pallet dismantling machine. Or, they can be sent to a chipping facility where they can be transformed into usable wood chips. 

We don’t contribute towards timber waste, and with our ability to refurbish and resell used wooden pallets, we can help save trees. In 2019 alone, we sold approximately 245,000 refurbished wooden pallets, preventing the demand for brand new pallets and saving trees from being cut down in the process!

Visit here on our website and fill out our collection form, and a member of staff will get in touch to discuss your situation and used pallet retrieval. Or, send us an email at with your specifications, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Areas We Cover

We’re pleased to be able to offer our used pallet collection and recycling services across the whole of the UK. We can offer national next day delivery for orders made before 12:00 pm, so whether you are looking for new or used pallets or a pallet collection, we have all kinds of speedy services to suit your wooden pallet needs.

We are open from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Thursday and from 7:30 am to 3:45 pm on Friday. For more information about our delivery and returns policy, please check here on our website.

Associated Pallets Commitment

We comply with all regulations and standards set out for improving sustainability and our surrounding environment. Our quality and environmental management system has been implemented to suit the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. 

All the used pallets we collect are refurbished and repaired to our high standards before we resell them for storage and transportation use. We can even heat treat wooden pallets to ispm 15 for increased hygiene and safety. Whether it’s a large or small order, we take the security and safety of our products seriously. Use our online quoting tool for a fast and easy quote for more unique or specific orders. 

Associated Pallets has already come up with all kinds of ways to reuse and recycle used pallets, from repairing sheds to creating amazing wooden planters. Beyond just collecting used pallets and refurbishing them for business use,  we believe in reusing all the raw materials that make up wooden pallets, ensuring that absolutely nothing goes to waste.

Learn more about other ways you can help prevent used pallets from being wasted by checking out our other blog here.

Wooden Pallet Prices

If you need someone to collect used pallets from you today, contact Associated Pallets at 0333 270 2242 or email us at We can provide both new and used wooden pallets, and with our comprehensive checkout system, it’s easy to make any purchase. Our recycling and collection service can ensure your used pallets don’t end up in a landfill, and we could even pay you for your pallets! If you have a more specific order, we have a free online quoting tool that can get you an accurate price in mere minutes.

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