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The Art Of The Wooden Pallet

19 Jan 2016

The wooden pallet has long been considered an indispensable item and is used worldwide in a variety of industries. In recent years, they have also been featuring more and more in the arts and culture sector, with artists getting creative and finding novel ways to use them in works of art. Wooden pallet art has been featured as part of unique garden features and sculptures and as canvases for paintings and more.

Kat Scott

Kat Scott sees hidden potential within wooden pallets, focusing on the unique colours and patterns within the grain. An illustrator, Scott has been using wood pallets to construct stunning furniture, mosaic wall hangings and a range of other beautiful items. Scott loves the inspiration each piece of wood offers her. She lets the individual characteristics of each pallet guide her as she works. She prefers pallet wood to any that she can purchase at the local shops, as it tends to be more varied. Scott drew inspiration from her father’s business in Indianapolis, as she grew up surrounded by pallets from a young age. She first began sketching on the panels, enjoying the texture of the wood. She was then encouraged by her father to experiment further.

Adam Cefai

Adam Cefai uses recycled pallets to produce amazing cut-outs featuring the Great Lakes. Bearing in mind the devastating effects of deforestation and overcrowded landfill, he tries where possible to use only locally sourced materials and works with minimal hardware. Cefai, who is an attorney by day, finds great satisfaction in creating pieces for people to display in their homes and businesses. The idea to begin using wooden pallets to produce the cut-outs began after Cefai read something on social media. He now runs a side business, with the Great Lakes pieces proving highly popular, especially given Adam’s commitment to reusing and recycling materials.

Tom Cringle

Tom Cringle is a plumber who began working with wooden pallets some time ago. One of his most recent pallet projects was the Holly King, which he displayed on the shoreline of Castletown during the winter solstice. Another was the famous Moddey Dhoo, placed on Peel Hill nearby, although unfortunately the weather got the better of it. Cringle has rather made a name for himself and for good reason. Despite being crafted from recycled and reclaimed heat treated wooden pallets, the sculptures are majestic and beautiful.

As these artists have demonstrated, wooden pallets are versatile, flexible and durable. They make for some unusual artistic pieces, so it is no wonder other artists and home improvers are also incorporating these functional items into their projects.

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