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Requirements for exports using wood packaging

In general, manufacturers of wood packaging must meet the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures 15 (ISPM15), as this is the standard most commonly used.

If you use ISPM15-compliant wood packaging for export, it must meet the requirements of the country where it was manufactured (or repaired), and it will also need to meet the requirements of the destination country.

Destination country import requirements

If you’re despatching goods to another country within the European Union (EU) there are no additional controls or standards, other than the presumption that any packaging made from wood produced in EU member states automatically complies with European Community internal plant health regulations.

Requirements vary from country to country – so before exporting any goods with wood packaging material to any non-EU country, you should check whether they are party to and whether or not they have additional requirements. Please refer to “Our Guide to ISPM15” Exemptions.

The following types of wood packaging may have different requirements or may be exempt from any particular standard or requirement:

  • Wood less than 6 millimetres thick is exempt from any requirement
  • Wood packaging material comprised wholly of manufactured wood products such as plywood, particle board, oriented strand board, chipboard or similar is exempt from any requirement in some countries
  • Barrels for wine and spirit
  • Gift boxes for wine, cigars and other commodities made from wood that has been processed in some way that renders it free from pests

Products Supplied Heat Treated to Ispm15:


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