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The Benefits of Bespoke Wooden Pallets on the Wine Industry

19 Sep 2019

Bespoke wine pallet

Many organisations have long praised the benefits of bespoke wooden pallets. As with anything which is custom made, bespoke wooden pallets come with specific tailoring options and customisations which are designed specifically for the task in hand.

This includes not only adjustments to size or altered dimensions, but also adaptations to their material make up, durability and how repairs are handled.

There are several industries who have recognised and reaped the benefits in having bespoke wooden pallets involved in aspects of their logistics.

It is now the turn of the wine industry who have found a very creative use of bespoke wooden pallets and it may not be what you think!

Instead of looking for supply chain efficiencies, some companies in the wine industry have begun to utilise bespoke wooden pallets as a key part of their wine merchandising strategy.

The wine industry, although not always recognised for constant innovation or clever marketing techniques, has undoubtedly become more and more competitive in recent years.

The growing number of wine producers has been fundamental in increasing competition on price – leaving wine retailers with the challenge of getting high quality, premium bottles in the basket of the price conscious consumer.

Many wine retailers have long opted for the traditional ‘barrel’ decorative approach – using this as a standout feature for drawing attention to collections of wines from specific regions.

However – in Spain – retailers have begun working much more closely with wine producers to create a new concept. Utilising bespoke wooden pallets, retailers have been able to take the wines right through from the producers to the shop floor.

The pallets allow the bottles to make up a structure which can then be displayed directly in the wine range of the retailer.

This approach has been a real driver in efficiency and costs across the supply chain – allowing both parties to make savings on logistics, packaging and visual merchandising which can then be passed onto the consumer.

However the pallet structure has also created a unique wine display – making the ‘grab and go’ of bottles from the display incredibly easy, thus supporting retail sales.

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