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Huge Successes for the Euro Pallet

07 Oct 2014

The Euro pallet is going from strength to strength, with the latest figures showing a further increase in the numbers being manufactured. This highlights the growing importance of this type of wooden pallet and the significance it has in the global market.

According to data from the European Pallet Association (EPAL), in the year to September there were a total of 63.5 million Euro pallets manufactured globally. These figures show that the appeal of these pallets is expanding. This is largely due to the quality of the product and the volume of goods that it can accommodate. They are designed to be used in warehouses with automated machinery, which is becoming more common as a means of increasing the productivity of distribution facilities. The increase in manufacturing figures is an indication of the part they are continuing to play in the global distribution industry.

These EPAL Euro pallets, which have the industry logo on the four corners, have now been in production for a year, and the figures are increasing month on month. They are independently tested through the Bureau Veritas institute, which inspects all licence holders on a regular basis with unannounced visits. This routine of inspections helps to maintain a high-quality product that is extremely durable and long-lasting.

What Is a Euro pallet?

The Euro pallet is the standard size of pallet that is indicated by the EPAL. Pallets that meet their criteria can then become part of the European Pallet Pool. This is a system in which pallets can be exchanged across the supply chain, speeding up the distribution process.

A Euro pallet measures 1200mm x 800mm x 144mm and must be constructed in a set pattern using a minimum of 78 nails. Once manufactured, the pallets must use specific quality marks which indicate compliance and show when it was produced, if it’s been repaired and the variety of wood used.

More Licence Holders

One of the reasons for this increase in the production figures for Euro pallets is that there has also been a rise in the number of manufacturers holding licences. EPAL has already approved an additional 48 since last August, and they are continuing to talk to other partners.

They are working particularly hard to attract interest in some of the new markets, especially in areas where they have not been able to gain access before. Eastern Europe has been earmarked as being of immense importance for the future development of Euro pallet sales figures. The EPAL is working hard in the region to recruit new licence holders and develop long-lasting relationships.

As the market for the Euro pallet becomes more open, the sales figures will undoubtedly increase again. This type of wooden pallet is adaptable to a wide range of environments and is fast becoming the model of choice for many companies within the supply chain.

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