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Wooden Pallets and Containers Market Due Steady Growth Through 2026

08 Sep 2017

Packaging is a huge industry, although many people do not realise it. Packaging is an essential form of transportation and the demand for packaging is increasing as the world becomes more global, especially if the packaging comprises wooden pallets.

The need for packaging

Nearly every company in the world relies on packaging, with more and more companies serving people globally rather than just locally. This means the need for packaging is increasing; in addition, the demands are changing slightly. Packaging companies have recently started to make more flexible forms of packaging, but rigid packing – such as wooden containers – is still the most popular form of packaging; in fact, wooden containers and pallets still account for more than 90 per cent of the containers market.

wooden crates

The popularity of wooden packaging

Wooden pallets and containers are one of the most widely-used shipping options, and there are several reasons why. One of the main reasons is that they are very durable; therefore, they are less likely to break than other forms of packaging.

They can also be environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable; however, this does not mean they cannot be used for decades. Most pallets will last for five to ten years before they become damaged and can then quickly be repaired before being put back to use.

Types of wooden packaging

Wooden packaging can also be bought in a variety of sizes and shapes, with stringer pallets and block pallets amongst the most popular options. These can be used to transport items for various industries, including grocery, drinks, dairy, chemical, construction and automotive.

The main forms of wood packaging are boxes, wire-bound containers and crates for larger items.

The future of packaging

Packaging has always been an important industry, as it is linked to so many other businesses. If these businesses are booming, the need for packaging will increase. Many industries, such as food, drink and automotive, are currently doing well; therefore, the demand for packaging is on the rise.

It is also likely that some industries will rely on wooden packaging more than others. One of the main industries expected to increase its use of wooden packaging is the food and drinks industry, as consumerism is on the rise and there is more reason to ship large quantities of drinks and food.

It is also worth noting that some countries will be using more packaging than others. Wooden pallets and containers are currently used most in Europe, the US, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. The US alone uses around 15 per cent of the world’s pallets and it is likely that the need for wooden packaging will quickly increase in countries that rely on global commerce, such as Asia.

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