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Associated Pallets Supplies Chris Peckham!

17 Jun 2022

Wooden Pallets Chris Peckham DIY

We’re delighted to share that CBE Naturalist Chris Peckham has used Associated Pallets for his next DIY project. Chris was able to order our outstanding products through our easy-to-navigate online shop. In order to create his new DIY log store project, Chris ordered our standard 1200 x 100mm wooden pallets and three pallet collars.¬†

Associated Pallets are proud to offer our service to Chris, who had this to say about his experience with us: “Fast, efficient, courteous and great value!”¬†

It’s great CBE naturalist will be using our pallets in his next project. Our team was also happy to help ensure Chris got the ideal pallets for DIY. After ordering the pallets from our online store, Mr Peckham was able to make use of our same-day delivery service. Additionally, our drivers were more than happy to assist with the unloading and manoeuvring of the wooden pallets to the project’s location.¬†

Are you interested in starting your own project? Then get in touch with us today! We’ll be happy to offer our advice on the best wooden pallets or pallet collars to use for the DIY project. Use our contact form or call our freephone number 03301 757 766 to talk to a member of our friendly team.¬†¬†

DIY Wooden Pallet Ideas 

CBE Naturalist Chris Peckham isn’t the only person to use our wooden pallets for a project. Previously, customers have used the wooden pallets we supply for their photo frames, bookcases, tables and planters. With a pallet, you’ll have all the material required to create a rustic look without spending a fortune. Another popular DIY project done in the past is to create outside seating such as deckchairs and sofas out of used wooden pallets.¬†

There are a ton of creative ways you can use wooden pallets. Chris Peckham will be using his wooden pallets and collars to create a log store. Creating your own furniture can be extremely fun and is an excellent way to be sustainable. 

Wooden Pallets Chris Peckham Project

What To Know About DIY Pallet Projects 

Wooden pallets are an invaluable resource to any experienced or new DIYer. They are highly versatile and can be adapted to suit all kinds of different projects. Before ordering your wooden pallets, it’s important that the pallets you haven’t been in contact with harmful substances. You can be guaranteed pallets that are safe to use by ordering from our shop.¬†

Additionally, ensure to know what tools will be required for dismantling the pallets. We suggest you have at least a claw hammer, wrecking bar and a nail bar, which will help you dismantle the pallets safely and efficiently. Should you want to learn more about dismantling the pallets, please get in touch with us or take a moment to read through our ‘Things to know for wooden pallet DIY projects‘ blog.¬†

Chris was able to navigate our site easier to find the pallets suitable for his project. Using our site makes a task quickly, as you can view the full descriptions and understand if the pallets you’ve selected will be ideal for your project. Should you need any help at all, you’ll be able to contact our team on 03301 757 766.


Sustainability is something that we take great pride in at Associated Pallets. This is one of the many reasons we’re happy to know that Chris chose us as his pallet supplier. Outstanding pallets that have been sourced using wood that has been carefully sourced to ensure our products are environmentally friendly.¬†

Another service that we provide is wooden pallet recycling. Our customers can contact our friendly team to have their unwanted pallets collected. Requiring at least 50 pallets, the team can ensure that the wooden pallets don’t end up as additional waste in a landfill somewhere. After being collected, the pallets will be taken to our facility to either be recycled into woodchipping or refurbished as used pallets that are fantastic for DIY projects.¬†

A great way of guaranteeing that the pallets aren’t wasted is being reused for a project, such as Chris Peckham’s log store. Reusing the pallets in this way means that the environment isn’t being damaged and will give you an interesting new project to start on.

Why Choose Us?

At Associated Pallets, we will be able to share over 25 years of experience with you. If you are new to DIYing, our team will be able to assist you and ensure that you start a project with the perfect pallets. Should you be more experienced in recreating wooden pallets, are team will still be happy to help answer any questions you may have. 

As a family-run business, we know how important it is to ensure that you receive a friendly and reliable service. Similar to Chris, if you need the pallets urgently and live in the UK, you can receive the wooden pallets by same-day delivery. 

Wooden Pallet Prices 

Are you interested in following Chris Pekham’s footsteps and starting your own DIY project with our wooden pallets? Then get in touch with our professional and friendly team today. You can do so by calling our freephone number on 03301 757 766 or by using our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.¬†


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