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Pallets Sheffield

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At Associated Pallets, we provide various new and used wooden pallets across Sheffield. The pallets can be used for storage or transportation and DIY projects. With us, you will be provided with pallets that vary in size. You can utilise a Sheffield facility’s space by having different dimensions options. Plan transporting the goods of your items effectively, with pallets that can hold a substantial amount of weight and meet international shipping regulations.

Our selection of sustainable and environmentally-friendly wooden pallets is ideal for both business and domestic use. We recognise the desire of our Sheffield consumers to purchase sustainable products that contribute to the environment. The wood we use has been sustainably sourced and treated to maintain quality and provide high performance for a very long time.

We have years of expertise in the pallet business and are experts in providing Sheffield clients with premium wooden pallets. We also provide custom pallets that precisely match your specifications. We can make the pallet specifications you need if you can’t locate them!

Pallets Sheffield Costs

Wooden Pallet Uses

Usually, wooden pallets are used in the transportation of goods across the globe. This is because they are easy to manoeuvre and can be designed to meet the specifications needed for international shipping. Pallets also make it easy to organise your stock. This makes them a superb item when transporting precious goods across the world.

We have a range of products and services available, including new, used, heat-treated, presswood pallets, wooden pallet collars and a wooden pallet recycling service. At Associated Pallets, you can trust us to provide you with outstanding pallets and services.

As part of our pallet recycling service, we restore our old wooden pallets to increase their security and sturdiness. They are up to 60% less expensive than brand-new competitors on the market while still boasting exceptional quality. These pallets are used for a variety of things, such as transportation, storage, and interior design.

When you are done utilising the wooden pallets for your project, you may use them to make rustic furniture or to adorn your house. With gorgeous fine wood, you can affordably transform your house.

New Wooden Pallets

New wooden pallets come in a variety of sizes, and we can even construct them to order depending on your precise requirements and spending limit. Customers will still get a product of the highest quality despite the price increase. Your items will be safeguarded by the secure pallet that is provided by the combination of softwood and hardwood.

Timber pallets that are brand new have been particularly made to withstand even the worst weather conditions and won’t degrade with normal wear and tear. Without worrying about maintenance, you may transport or store your items all year round. Due to their lack of splinters and chipping, new hardwood pallets are also extremely simple to handle.


Your pallets must be heat-treated if you are shipping items from Sheffield to another nation. This will guarantee that they adhere to and satisfy the ISPM 15 hygiene requirements. When being sent overseas, wood pallets must adhere to regulations to prevent contamination.
In addition to being necessary for international shipping, heat-treated pallets are also crucial if you’re keeping valuables. The danger of moisture buildup and dampness is reduced by this treatment, which also helps to maintain the wood. This makes it possible for the wooden pallet to last longer and to safeguard your items during the voyage.

Pallets Sheffield Recycling


We responsibly source the wood for our pallets from sustainable woodlands. We cut down trees carefully and ensure new trees are being planted every year. Our old pallets are an environmentally beneficial solution for your Sheffield project if you’re worried about purchasing irresponsibly.

Please don’t dispose of your pallets once you’ve used them all. Our wooden products are so durable that they may be put to a variety of purposes. As a company, we also make sure that we have an effective environmental management system that complies with the most recent ISO guidelines.


The variety of sizes and weight capabilities available in our collection of wooden pallets makes them very adaptable. This offers our Sheffield clients a variety of options, so you can discover something that meets your demands. Please contact us if you need assistance finding the ideal pallet for your house or if you have a certain size item that needs storage or moving.

Many of our clients like to decorate with our wooden pallets in addition to utilising them to store and move products. It is a fantastic technique to repurpose the lumber item and create a lovely sculpture. These pallets may be used for anything from nightstands to garden furniture, lamps, and wall art.

Prices of Wooden Pallets in Sheffield

We supply high-quality pallets across Sheffield and the surrounding area. Get a free, no-obligation quotation today!  Enter your information and your preferred colour scheme into our online quoting engine and receive your free and accurate quote.

Throughout the process, our staff is available to contact if you have any questions you may have regarding our new and used wooden pallets. Call us at 03301 757 766 or use our contact form. Any questions you have regarding our pricing, goods, or customisation service will be gladly answered by our knowledgeable staff.

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