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Teenager Uses Wooden Pallets to Rescue Drowning Dog

17 Oct 2017

A 16-year-old-boy recently saved his yellow Labrador from drowning with used wooden pallets after his dog fell in the water at Baptiste Creek.

Derek Buston, a student at the nearby Tilbury District High School, noticed his dog in the water and wasn’t sure what to do until he saw some used wood pallets nearby. He quickly ran over and used the pallets as floats across the thin ice so that he could head out on to the ice to try to save her.

a wooden pallet

The young hero started to climb across the used wooden pallets towards his dog, Sydney, and when he got to the edge he flung himself down and reached out to grab his furry friend by the scruff of her neck. Thankfully, he managed to get there in time, as Sydney was just about to go under.

On Thin Ice

His heroic actions helped to prevent Sydney from going under the water and drowning, but the boy was unable to pull the large Labrador on to the pallets with him. It could have been the end for Sydney, but at that point a passing motorist called Chris Harrigan saw the scene and quickly pulled over.

Harrigan then ran over to the creek with his own canoe, which he promptly pushed into the water so that he could get to the dog. While this was happening, Derek was still holding on to Sydney – in fact, by this point the pair had been together for nearly half an hour.

Harrigan soon made it over to the dog, and he was able to help the 16-year-old to retrieve Sydney from the cold waters. Together the pair then brought her to the edge of the lake, and soon after Derek’s father Jeff arrived home from work.

A Happy Ending

Jeff quickly ran to the family dog and brought her up to his car so that they could get her warm. At this point she had spent over half an hour in the chilly waters, and she had ice hanging from her fur. Thankfully, after an hour or so the Labrador started to warm up, and by the end of the evening she was feeling much better, so this terrifying tale has a very happy ending.

Derek’s father Jeff took time after the event to thank Chris Harrigan for helping his son as well as his son’s friend Brian for his role in helping to save Sydney. He also said that he is very proud of his son for displaying bravery and quick thinking in the face of danger.

When most people think about used wooden pallets, they think about warehouse storage and not saving the life of man’s best friend, but clearly they have multiple purposes!

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